Enplug Dashboard Device Commands

Through the dashboard you can reboot your device, force it to re-download all locally stored content, verify its schedule with our servers, and change some other local settings. You can access the Enplug device commands in one of two ways. 

If you go to your account's monitoring page you will see a button in the same row as each display labeled Commands. If the device is not currently online the button will be greyed out and you will not be able to click on it.



You can also access the commands menu through each device's individual monitoring page. The button is in the upper right hand portion of the screen.


Once you click to open the command menu you will see several options:


The reboot option will cause the device to immediately reboot. 

Clear Cache will cause the device to purge all stored content and download everything again. Please note if you have logged into any websites using cookies this command will remove them.

The DNS 1 and 2 commands set the DNS servers for the device. Please do not adjust this setting if you are not familiar with DNS. Applying an incorrect setting here will require the device to be returned to us for service.

The reload schedule command causes the device to verify its locally stored content schedule with the authoritative content schedule on the server. During normal operation the device will automatically run this command on itself every 60 minutes.


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