Getting started with the Simple Sign App

The Simple Sign app is a digital signage app that allows you to display text, create signs, infographics, and announcements that can be deployed onto any display group. 

To access the Simple Sign app: click the Apps drop-down, then click the More Apps section to select the Simple Sign app from the list of apps to being creating your Sign.


Click the Create a Sign button to begin.


Creating a Sign:

First, enter the text you'd like to appear on the screen. This can be as many characters as you'd like, but you may need to adjust the size of the text in order for all the text to show on the screen. Use the preview of the sign to get an idea of how the sign will appear on your display. Simple Sign also allows you to add emojis to your text.


Text: By click this box, you can also add color to your text


Size: If you have a long string of text, you can adjust the text fit by clicking on this drop-down. There are 6 options ranging from Extra Small to Huge. You can adjust this to make your sign stand out as much as you'd like.


Font: Use this drop-down to convey the style you prefer. Currently there are 12 different fonts options to choose from.

Choose a background color/style: Next, style your sign's Background. The background is automatically set up with a subtle Radial (circular) gradient, with 2 colors to choose from. You can select from a variety of 6 different gradient shapes, or just choose "Color" to stick with one simple background color.


Finally, click "Save" in the upper right hand corner to save your sign. 


You'll be prompted to choose which display groups you'd like to deploy your sign onto - choose this, then click "Save Changes" to deploy this sign to your display groups. 


To edit or delete your sign:

You can click the text to edit the sign at any time. Click the TV icon under "Displays" to change which display groups the sign is deployed to. If you don't need a certain sign anymore, click the trash can icon next to each sign to delete it.



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