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The Proof Of Play reports service delivers play time data for the Graphics and Video, Corporate Graphics, and Ad Scheduler apps. Once configured, the Proof Of Play feature will send periodic reports on how long each of your graphics has been displayed. 

Proof Of Play is an add-on feature. Please contact your Account Manager for access to this feature.


Contents of this guide

Configuring Proof of Play

Accessing Proof of Play information

Generating a Proof of Play Report

Interpreting the Report

Advanced Reporting Options


Configuring Proof of Play

  • Select the desired Display Group from the Display Groups dropdown


  • Select the Proof of Play Tab and enable the feature


  • Select "Save" to apply the change

Accessing Proof of Play information 

Once you have Proof of Play enabled, reporting data is available directly in the Enplug dashboard


The filters on the left-hand side help you quickly filter and display relevant data


Generating a Proof Of Play Report

Once Proof Of Play has been enabled, you can also generate a report of the Proof of Play data

  • Start by opening the app
    • Click on “Apps” > “All Apps”

    • Select “Graphics and Video”, "Corporate Graphics", or "Ad Scheduler

  • Hover your mouse over the graphic(s) for which you wish to generate a report and check the selector option in the top left corner


  • With your graphic(s) selected, click on the Reporting button


  • On the Reporting tab, set the report time range and aggregation frequency


  • Click "Generate Report" to download the .csv file



Interpreting the Report

Open the downloaded .csv file to view your proof of play report. Understanding the content in each column will help interpret the report:

  • Asset is the name of the graphic
  • Device is the name of the display in the Display Group where the graphic has played 
  • Display Group shows you which group the device belongs to on the dashboard
  • Play Count is the number of times the graphic came onscreen during the specified range
  • Play Duration is the total aggregate time the asset spent onscreen during the specified range
  • Start Time and End Time are the date range you selected for your report


Note: The Proof Of Play reports will have up to a one hour delay (the last hour of data might be missing when the report is run)


Advanced Reporting Options

You also have the option to use Proof Of Play with your own Webhook or with Zapier.

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