Loading the Enplug player on a CDM device

1. If anyone buys a Viewsonic or Philips display directly from shop.enplug.com - then the Enplug Player should already be loaded and set to the custom input
2. If someone buys a Viewsonic CDM screen from some other vendor, then the Enplug Player is already loaded but isn't set to the custom input. To do this a partial set of that instructions is needed, see the attached PDF (excerpt from Viewsonic CDM manual)
3. If someone buys a Philips CDM screen from some other vendor, then the Enplug Player is not pre-loaded. In this case, they would need to download the APK from here and follow these instructions.

  • Instructions on how to sideload the APK:
    1) Access the Android menu on the TV. You can find detailed steps for that on 
    page 18 of the manual here. (Press Menu + 1998 on remote control)
    2) Connect the TV to the internet via LAN, or WiFi via the Android system settings menu
    3) Load the Enplug Player APK onto a thumb drive and plug it into the television
    4) From the Android system menu, go to Apps -> File Manager
    5) In File Manager, navigate to mnt/external_sd - this will be your thumb drive.
    6) Select the Enplug APK in your thumb drive and confirm that you want to install it 
    7) Go to Android system settings menu and navigate to Settings->Signage Display
    8) Under "Source Settings" click on "Custom App" and then choose the Enplug Player app
    Done! Using the input button on the remote and choose "Custom" as the input will now open up the Enplug Player app.
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