Enplug | Private Label TV App | Users Guide

This guide contains instructions on using the Private Label TV app in Enplug.

The Private Label TV application allows you to display premium content channels on your screens! You can also display your own commercials alongside Private Label TV content.


Accessing Private Label TV

  • Select the Private Label TV application from the Apps dropdown in the Enplug dashboard


Creating Playlists

  • Create a playlist by clicking either of these two buttons:
  • After you click the “New Playlist“ button, you’ll see a page with the following elements:
    • 1. Your playlist name
    • 2. A search bar that will help you easily find the desired content
  • You will also find 3 tabs:
    • 1. Entertainment-type channels: Premium content channels
    • 2. Commercials: Your uploaded commercial content 
    • 3. Settings: The settings that you choose for your playlist

Notes: A channel is a group of videos that revolve around a specific topic. For Private Label TV, there are two types of channels: entertainments and commercials.

Entertainment genres: Lifestyle, Outdoor Sports/Adventure, Children's Entertainment. Home & Leisure.

  • After naming the playlist, click on the 'Save' button to save the playlist and then choose the display groups for which this playlist will be available:
  • Upon accepting the changes, you can browse through the newly created playlist.
  • If you use the back arrow, you’ll be redirected to the list of created playlists. Here, you’ll see all of the playlists that have been created.
  • By clicking on the name of the playlist, you’ll return to the subscription and configuration section.


Viewing Channel Content

View the content of a channel by clicking on the channel. This will open a window with the following options:

  1. The name of each video.
  2. The total number of videos contained in the channel.
  3. The total duration of each video.
  4. The total duration of the channel, which is the sum of the duration of all videos in the channel.
  5. Buttons for playing and skipping through the videos.
  6. A slider that allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to the channel.
  7. You can close this screen.


Channel Subscription and Unsubscribing

When you subscribe to a channel, you can add all the content of that channel to your playlist. There are some exceptions which we will discuss later.

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to a channel by using the slider to turn the channel on or off. The green ON means you're subscribed to the channel and can play the channel content on-screen, while the red OFF means you've unsubscribed from the channel and the channel content will no longer play on-screen.

Uploading Commercials

When you upload commercial content, it can be found in the 'Commercials' tab. You'll find this option at the top of the list of commercial as shown in the image below

Each playlist will have this option, and the content uploaded here will be shared across all playlists.

  • To upload your own content, click on the channel called 'My Custom Content.'
  • In the next screen, you will see the option 'Add Media Files.
  • Clicking on this option will bring up a window where you can select the specific videos you want to add.

  • Then you can view your own content on this screen


Configuration Parameters

The Configuration Parameters determine how your content will display. These settings are found in the configuration tab, as shown in the following screen.

  • Customer Dwell Time: The total time for the block or the duration you want the block to be on air.
  • Entertainment Ratio: The percentage of entertainment content to be displayed; the remaining percentage is for displaying commercial content
  • Commercial Blocks: The number of blocks to be configured, meaning that throughout the playback of the content, it will be divided into 6 blocks with each block always showing commercial and entertainment content depending on the given percentages.
  • Minimum Video Duration: Can be used to exclude content that doesn't meet the set minimum time requirement. Videos from channels that don't meet the configured minimum time will be excluded.
  • Maximum Video Duration: Can be used to exclude content that exceeds the set maximum time limit. Videos from channels that exceed the configured maximum time will be excluded.
  • Total Duration : The total playback time of the videos that passed all the filters, whether they are commercial or entertainment.
  • Total Daily Commercials: The total duration of the commercial videos.
  • Total Daily Entertainment:The total duration of the entertainment videos.


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