Enplug for Zoom Rooms | Users Guide

This guide contains step-by-step instructions on displaying your Enplug content on your Zoom Rooms device/s.


Prerequisites for setting up Enplug for Zoom Rooms

To get started with Enplug for Zoom Rooms, you will need the following:

Zoom Rooms



Adding a Zoom Room with Enplug Content

1) Go to your Zoom account and create a Zoom Room

2) Under Room Type, select “Digital Signage Only



3) Go to Room Settings

4) Click on the Digital Signage tab

5) Scroll down to the Default Content List

6) Click Add Content

7) Click Apps and select the Enplug for Zoom Rooms app and click Add 1 Item

8) Fill in the Display Period and Mute options, as needed, and then click Save

Setting Up Content In Enplug For Zoom Rooms

1) From your Enplug dashboard, go to the Display Groups dropdown and click Add New to create a new Display Group

2) Fill in the fields and then select Zoom Rooms as the Display Group Type

3) Locate your Zoom Room id by going to the Zoom Room page you created above and copy the id from the URL. The id will be located in the blue highlighted space below between the equals sign and the ampersand symbol. zoom.us/location?resourceid=YOURZOOMID&resource_type=20

4) Paste your Zoom Room id into the Zoom Room id field on your new Display Group page

5) After filling in all of the needed fields, click Next to proceed

6) Pair a device or click Skip this step to continue

7) Schedule content to your display group (see https://support.enplug.com/hc/en-us/articles/207599323-Enabling-Your-First-App if this is the first time you are scheduling content to a display group)

Installing & Using the Enplug Zoom Rooms App

1) Download the Zoom Rooms app to your device using the provided URL. If you do not have a download URL, please reach out to your Account Manager.

2) Install the app

3) Pair the device by following the instructions on the screen using the activation code found on your Zoom Rooms account beside the Zoom Room you created in the steps above.

After entering the activation code, you will see your scheduled content on your connected device/s!


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