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This is a legacy app that has been replaced by the powerful Templates app. Check out our Templates guide for setup information and additional details.

Simple Sign app allows for quick and easy sign creation, infographics, and announcements. Instead of creating a graphic and uploading it, you can simply enter the text in our dashboard and get immediate results.


Contents of this guide

Accessing the App

Setting it Up

Advanced Formatting Techniques


Accessing the App

 Add the Simple Sign to your dynamic app playlist:

  • Click on "Apps" > "All Apps".
  • Select "Simple Sign".

Note: Because this is a legacy app you will only have access to it if it has already been set up on your account. If you don't see this app on your account, please use the Templates app! 


Setting it Up

1. Click the "Add Sign" button to create a new sign, or select the name of an existing sign to edit it. 


2. Enter the text you'd like to appear on the screen. This can be as many characters as you'd like, but you may need to adjust the size of the text in order for all the text to show on the screen. Use the preview of the sign to get an idea of how the sign will appear on your display.

3. Click the mceclip1.png button to add emojis to your text.

4. Click the Text box to change the text color. 

5. Change the font size with the drop-down options.

6. Change the font with the drop-down options.

7. Change the background colors by clicking on the color boxes.

8. Change the background style with the drop-down options.

9. Click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner to save your sign.


10. You'll be prompted to choose which Display Group(s) you'd like to deploy your sign to. Select your desired group(s), then click "Save Changes" to deploy this sign.


Advanced Formatting Techniques

Simple sign supports the use of HTML tags so you can format your sign however you would like. There are great free tutorials and a comprehensive HTML reference located here: HTML Tutorial

Adding line breaks

The text will wrap to the next line after it exceeds a certain character length.

However, if you want each word to be on its own line, or manually add breaks in the line, you will need to use the <br> HTML tag. In the example below, we have used the <br> tag to move the text to the next line. You can place <br> anywhere you would like a line break.


Formatting Text

Simple sign supports the use of tags that format the appearance of text. Here are some examples:

  • <b> will bold the text.
  • <em> will italicize the text. 
  • <ins> will underline the text.
  • <del> will strikethrough the text.
  • <div align="center"> will center align the text.  You can replace the "center" option with "left" or "right" too!

The example below shows what each of the tags will look like when used on your sign:


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