Getting the most out of the Simple Sign app

Simple Sign is a fantastic way that you can quickly and easily create signs, infographics, announcements, or use Enplug to display any other text you would like. Instead of creating a graphic and uploading it, you can just enter the text in our dashboard and get immediate results. 

Advanced Formatting Techniques

Simple sign supports the use of HTML tags so you can format your sign however you would like. There are great free tutorials and a comprehensive HTML reference located here: HTML Tutorial

Adding line breaks:

When using Simple Sign, it will wrap the text to the next line after it exceeds a certain length. This is an example of a sign that has no extra formatting:

However, if you wanted each word to be on its own line you will need to use the <br> HTML tag. In the example below we have used the <br> tag to tell Simple Sign to move the text to the next line. You can place <br> anywhere you would like a line break.

Formatting Text

Simple sign supports the use of tags that format the appearance of text. Here are some examples:

  • <b> will cause the text to be bold.
  • <em> will cause the text to be shown in italics
  • <ins> will underline the text
  • <del> will strikethrough the text
  • <div align="center"> will center align text.  You can replace center with left or right too!

Please note that all of these tags must be closed. If you add a <b> tag to the beginning of a sign, all of the text that follows will be bold until the </b> tag is added. So, text you want bold would look like this: <b>this text is bold</b> and this is not.

The example below shows what each of the tags will look like when used on your sign:


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