YouTube Videos & Playlists

Great news - Enplug now supports YouTube videos and playlists!

Note: These are supported on our newest device model released in Sept 2015, in a black case. Our older devices in a transparent case do not support YouTube videos. 


To play the video in fullscreen mode and have it begin playing automatically, you'll need to use a specific format for the URL.

When you open a normal YouTube video, its URL at the top of your browser will show up in this format:

In order to get the video to display properly, please copy the URL, then add the extra text as shown below:

If you don't add these parameters, the video will show as it does on a normal webpage, and won't play automatically.


When you open a playlist on your computer, the URL will show up like this:

To have the playlist cycle through and show properly on your screen, please change the URL as shown below:


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