Dashboard Changes: App Deployment

Great news! Our newest Enplug Dashboard changes include the ability to take content from one app, and deploy it to many display groups at once. If you've used the Graphics & Video app, we've expanded the Graphics functionality to other apps as well. 

The below graphic illustrates how our system will be changing to allow you to easily send content from one app to many screens at once:

Please see below for an explanation of how to use this new feature, using the Webpage app as an example:

1. Go to the Apps dropdown at the top, and select the app you'd like - in this case, the Webpage app. The usual setup prompt will come up prompting you to add a webpage.


2. Once you've added your webpage, click Save. Instead of saving right away, this will bring up a prompt asking you which display group you'd like to send this webpage to. Choose the ones you'd like to send it to, then click Save Changes.


3. Once you've saved your new webpage to the display groups, you will be redirected to your Webpage Library. This will show all your webpages in all locations, and how many display groups they are currently showing on.


4. Clicking the Library dropdown will allow you to choose one display group in particular, so that you can see only the webpage currently on that display group. 


5. Clicking the small TV screen icon with the number in it, highlighted in purple below, will bring up the list of display groups, allowing you to change which display groups that webpage is currently showing on. 


6. Finally, click the trash can icon to delete that webpage from your system entirely. If you'd like to keep it in the Library for later without showing it on any screens, click the "Displays" icon, and un-check all the display groups.

Click the "Preview" eye icon to see a preview of what the webpage will look like.

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