The Calendar app is useful for keeping track of conference room availability, as well as coordinating different teams' schedules using your Enplug screen. 

Note: This guide assumes you've already selected a display group. To learn more about navigating between display groups, see the Dashboard 101 article.

To get started, first, click the Apps dropdown, then the Explore Apps section to select the Calendar app from the list of apps.

Connecting & Adding your Calendars

First, click the Add Calendar button to connect your Google account. You may need to enter your username and password. 

Next, choose the calendars you'd like to show on the screen. Choosing one calendar will put the app in Single Calendar mode, while enabling more than one calendar will switch the app to Overview mode.

Single Calendar Mode

Single Calendar Mode focuses on one calendar, showing whether or not there is currently an event scheduled for the calendar. It also features a progress bar displaying the amount of time until the current event is over, or until the next scheduled event begins. Current and upcoming events are shown at the bottom of the page, according to the timeframe set in the dashboard. 

One unique feature of Single Calendar Mode is the ability to set the text that shows whether the room is available or not.  

Overview Mode

Overview Mode shows the selected calendars in rows on the screen. Upcoming and current events will be blocked out on the screen. This mode is great for keeping track of multiple schedules at once. 

Calendar Settings

There are a variety of different customizable features on the Calendar app:

  • Sorting: For Overview Mode, choose whether to list the calendars in alphabetical order, or by account sorted automatically by Google. 
  • Header: Toggle the header on or off as you'd like. The header will show the date and time, as well as your logo image if you've added one.
  • Logo: If you've chosen to display a header on your calendar, upload your logo for further customization. Note: We recommend a size of 600x120 for 1080p screens, and recommend that you use a transparent PNG file for the best look. 
  • Timeframe: Use the different timeframe options to choose how much of the calendar to show. If your events are a very short duration (30 minutes or less), we recommend limiting the timeframe to less than 3 hours so that they will show up in more detail. 
  • Name/Time: Use these checkboxes to choose whether or not to show upcoming events' names and times on the calendar. 
Note: Regardless of the settings, events will refresh every 15 minutes.

Calendar Themes

Finally, there are 4 different color themes available to choose from. You can also customize and design your own theme as you'd like by clicking "Customize" or "Edit" on one of the listed themes. From here, you will be able to choose the background and font colors for your calendar.

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