Instagram Re-Authentication

Due to some changes in Instagram's platform, we are requesting that all customers currently using Instagram re-authenticate to make sure their Instagram posts continue to show up. 

Please note: Logging in and out of your Instagram account in the dashboard will not reauthenticate your account. You'll need to follow the steps below to ensure your Instagram posts show up properly.

If you log into your Enplug dashboard, we have set up a popup that will prompt you to re-authenticate your Instagram accounts.

After you click "Authenticate", you will be prompted to log into Instagram.

Note: If you're already logged into Instagram in your browser, this step will be skipped. Check if you're already logged in by going to

Then, you will see a message letting you know that Enplug will have access to the associated media. Accepting this indicates that Enplug will be able to pull in public Instagram posts in order to display them on your screen. Don't worry - Enplug won't be able to post on your feed, or access any private posts or messages.

Once you have accepted this, your Enplug screen will be able to start displaying your posts, as well as any hashtags you have set up.

Help, I closed the splash page!

No problem! If you closed the splash page, simply reload your dashboard, or click the red notification icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard shown in the screenshot below. Clicking the red text will bring up the list of accounts you need to reauthenticate.

Why do I need to reauthenticate?

Instagram has made some changes to their platform that will invalidate previous user authentication for systems like Enplug. You can read more about their changes here.

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