Network Accounts 101

This support article is for our network admins who manage a larger number of accounts, display groups, and displays than the typical Enplug user. This is typically done through the Enplug Dashboard, which can be accessed at To begin, let's go over some terms that are used in the Dashboard:

Displays: A display is essentially one Enplug device connected to one TV screen, which broadcasts content loaded from the Dashboard to viewers. Each display is uniquely named by the user.

Display Groups: Each display group can contain one or more displays. All displays in a display group will play the same content from the Dashboard. Any change to the content in one display group will take effect for all displays in that group.

Apps: Your content is organized into apps that play different types of content, such as Facebook posts, photos, videos, and reviews. Choose a display group in order to activate an app on that group of displays.

As an admin, you have the ability to create new accounts. You can do this by clicking the 'Create account' button at 

You can view, manage, and edit accounts by clicking the 'Accounts' button on the home screen. Here you can add users in the 'People' tab, select a credit card to be used for easy payment in the 'Billing' tab, check your payment history in the 'Payments' tab, and control the functions available to an account in the 'Features' tab.

There are two different types of users you can create in the 'People' tab: Admin and Limited. Admins can control any display group on your account, and Limited can only manage specific display groups set by you. In addition, Limited users are not able to see/edit billing information, see/edit other users, add/delete displays, or delete display groups. When you create any type of new user, they will be sent an email with a link for them to set their own login info.


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