Tagging Display Groups


Adding Tags to Display Groups is helpful if you have a large number of Display Groups, difficulty locating them when assigning content, or simply want better management of your Displays and content. Tags allow for quick and easy searching. 


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Adding Tags

Using Tags


Adding Tags

1. Open your desired Display Group from the Display Groups dropdown. 

2. Select the General Info tab.


3. In the "Tags" text field, type whatever tags you would like to use to distinguish your Display Group. Tagging based on location, audience, or content type is common practice.

4. After typing in your tag, press "Space" to convert it into a tag.


5. If the tag already exists on another Display Group, it will auto-populate, and you can click to add it at your current Display Group.


In the example above, if your Display Group is used to show internal office metrics for an office, you could tag it as California for location, Support for the team, and Internal for the type of content.

6. Once you've added the desired tags, click the "Save" button to apply your changes.


Using Tags

Once the tags are added to the Display Groups, you can use them for easy identification when deploying content to them from any app. 

1. During the steps to apply content to a Display Group, search for all tags by clicking the Tags button:


2. Once you see the available tags, click the one you'd like to filter by - in this case, the Internal tag. This will immediately filter your list of Display Groups to only ones using the Internal tag.


3. Now, it is easy to apply content to the filtered Display Group(s) by selecting the Display Group(s) to which you want to deploy the app and clicking "Save Changes".


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