My mini keyboard won't work

Having trouble with your mini keyboard? Follow these steps to address some frequently asked questions.

Connect the wireless USB connector, not the black cable.

The keyboard is designed to be wireless, and you will need to use the small wireless USB connector in the back of the keyboard.

The black cable included with the keyboard is for charging only, and cannot help connect the keyboard to the screen.

Make sure the keyboard is on and charged.

When you press any button on your keyboard or touch the black mousepad at the top, a red light should come on. If it doesn't, the keyboard may be:

  • Turned off, or
  • Need to be recharged.

Make sure the keyboard is turned on using the On/Off switch at the top of the keyboard. If the keyboard still does not respond, plug the black USB cable into the slot next to the On/Off switch, and plug the USB end into any power source (such as the device itself).

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