Filtering Social Media Posts

The Enplug system provides two filtering systems to make sure the content displayed on your screen meets the highest standards.

Pre-Approval: Manual Filtering

If you'd like to filter the posts in a feed your posts yourself, you can turn on Pre-Approval for that feed.

When you turn Pre-Approval on for a feed, you must pre-approve each post before it will show up on the screen. Once Pre-Approval is turned on, a Needs Approval column will show in your social posts view. You can select the option for each post in this column to either Approve, Deny (which will delete the post), or delete the post and ban the user who posted.

Please keep in mind that turning on Pre-Approval will take away from the live updating component of your social media display.


If you would like posts from your connected account to skip the Approval queue and go straight to the Live column, you can check the "Auto Approve" box next to that specific feed. This will still require any posts from outside users to be approved before they will show up, but posts from your connected account will go directly onto the screen.

Profanity Filters: Auto Filtering

There are also 3 levels of automatic filtering to choose from:

    • Strict filtering filters all obscenities and negative sentiment. This setting is suitable for a family-friendly setting, such as an amusement park or kids' gym.
    • Medium filtering filters extreme obscenities such s racial slurs only, allowing mild expletives to display. This setting is suitable for an adult audience, such as a bar or club.
    • Off: This option turns off all automatic filtering, allowing any and all content to display in realtime on the screen. We don't recommend turning off all automatic filtering.
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