Setting up a Twitter Feed

Follow these steps to set up your Twitter feed:

  1. Navigate to the Social Media Wall app in your Enplug dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings button on the top right. (If you haven't set up a feed before, click Set up a feed
  3. To add a Twitter account, enter the Twitter handle under Accounts and click Save. From now on, Enplug will pull posts made by this handle and posts that mention this handle. You can control whether it pulls your account posts or mentions using the checkboxes "Show my Tweets" and "Show Mentions".

4. To add a hashtag, enter the hashtag under Tags and click Save.

Please note: If Pre-Approval is turned on, all posts from the connected account will automatically be pulled into the live feed without needing to be approved.

Retweets: Our system will pull in retweets unless Pre-Approval is turned on. Retweets cannot be pulled in and approved if Pre-Approval is on.

As with the other social feeds, your Social Media Wall can hold the most recent 50 Twitter posts.


Note: The Twitter API will only pull items from the past seven days. Anything made before that time period will not populate (the past year, month, etc). It is also a rolling seven day time period, so as time moves forward, previous posts will be removed and new posts will be added. 

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