Setting up a Twitter Feed

You can set up a Twitter feed via two apps:

Social Media Collage

Follow these steps to set up your Twitter feed:

Add a Twitter feed:

  • To add a Twitter account, enter the username of the Twitter account into Add Accounts field and click Add.
  • To add a Twitter hashtag, enter the hashtag into the Add Hashtags field and click Add.
  • Once added, Enplug will pull tweets from the Twitter account and/or hashtag.





As with the other social feeds, your Twitter feed can display up to a max number of 50 most recent tweets.


Note: The Twitter API will only pull items from the past seven days. Anything made before that time period will not populate (the past year, month, etc). It is also a rolling seven day time period, so as time moves forward, previous posts will be removed and new posts will be added. 

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