How do apps rotate?


Now that you've set up several apps to play on your screen, you're probably wondering, When and for how long will they show up on my screen? This article will explain the process that controls the app player.

All app play frequencies are relative to each other and are calculated based on percentages.

Let's consider the following app setups and how they will play in 1 hour to make this more clear:


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Apps set to the same frequency

Apps set to different frequencies



Apps set to the same frequency

If all your apps are set to the same frequency, they will all rotate in and play for the same amount of time.

For example:

  • Graphics & Video: 25%
  • Weather: 25%
  • News: 25%
  • Twitter: 25%


If you have 4 apps all set to the same percentage, they will each play for a total of 15 minutes in one hour, randomly switching off every 90 seconds.


Apps set to different frequencies

For this case, we'll assume the following:

  • Graphics & Video: 25%
  • Weather: 50%
  • News app: 15%
  • Twitter: 10%


The app player will calculate this out and play the apps accordingly. In one hour, this looks like the following:

  • The Graphics & Video app will play a total of 15 minutes, 25% of 60 minutes.
  • The Weather app will play a total of 30 minutes, 50% of 60 minutes.
  • The News app will play a total of 9 minutes, 15% of 60 minutes.
  • The Twitter app will play a total of 6 minutes, 10% of 60 minutes.

Although the apps will all play for these totals, they will each play for around 90 seconds each time they are rotated in - with the possible exception of the Graphics app depending on how it is set up.



  1. Can I schedule an app to play at a certain time - for example, Sunday at 6 pm?

    No - our system is designed to run itself as much as possible, so that it doesn't require scheduling but will cycle through the enabled apps randomly, according to the frequencies you've set.

  2. What about the Graphics & Video app?

    The Graphics app is unique in that it offers you more nuanced control over what shows up, and when. See the Scheduling Your Graphics Guide for a more detailed description and instruction of scheduling your Graphics content.

  3. My video is longer than 90 seconds. Will it get cut off?

    No - your video will finish playing. Even if you have a very long video added, the player will make sure your images get playtime as well.

  4. My graphic/video is set to play from 4 pm-6 pm. What does this mean?

    This means that when the Graphics app is rotated into play, this specific graphic/video will be part of the rotation. Please note that it will not begin playing exactly at 4 pm. Instead, it will be available for the Graphics app to play as part of its normal rotation between images and videos.

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