Get Proof of Play Data using Webhooks


The Proof of Play reports service delivers play-time data for your Graphics and Video or Corporate Graphics apps through WebHooks.


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Set up WebHooks Server

Enable WebHooks on Enplug Dashboard


Set up WebHooks Server

Once configured, the proof of play feature will send periodic reports on how long each of your graphics played by sending an HTTP POST request to the webhook's Receipt URL with a JSON payload containing the report. 

Not sure how to use webhooks? Check out our easy-use Zapier tutorial.

The JSON payloads have the following format:

   "DeviceId":"1234abcd1234abcd1234abcd",   // unique device ID
   "AppId":"digitalsignage",               // app ID (ignore)
   "StartTime":"/Date(1451281740000)/",   // Start time of report interval (Unix time stamp)
   "EndTime":"/Date(1451285340000)/",   // End time of report interval (Unix time stamp)
   "ProofOfPlays":[          // Array of graphics/videos that played during the report
         "ReferenceId":"",    // Url of file (will be unique)
         "AdditionalInfo":"image1.jpg",       // Name of file
         "PlayDuration":300     // Play duration of file (in seconds)


Enable WebHooks on Enplug Dashboard

Once you have set up a webhook server, you can take the URL you'd like to receive the payloads, and enter it into the dashboard. 

  • In the Enplug Dashboard, choose the desired Display Group from the Display Groups dropdown


  • Select the Proof of Play tab and enable the feature


  • Check the box to Send Proof of Play to your own WebHook


  • You must supply a receipt URL and a report interval (for example, 1 hour)


  • Click "Save" to apply your changes

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