Resizing the PC Player

You can change the size and dimensions of the player's window by clicking and dragging the window's edges. We recommend using these hotkeys to toggle between each mode:

1 Pressing the 1 key will make the PC Player full screen with no border. You can also press F11 to make it full screen. To turn full screen mode off, press the Escape key.
2 Pressing the 2 key will set the reset landscape dimensions
3 Pressing the 3 key will reset the player to portrait dimensions
4 Pressing the 4 key will cause the window to maximize, meaning it will take up the whole screen but it will still have a border.

The 6 key will switch the player between bordered and non-bordered mode when it is not full screen. You will no longer see the the options to maximize, minimize, or close the window and you will not be able to drag it around on the screen. You can use the 6 key to toggle between bordered and non-bordered mode.

After you press the 6 key, the player will say updating in the lower right hand corner then restart and the changes you made will be applied. 


Partial borderless mode is a great option if you'll need to change the size of the player, but don't want it to have the Windows toolbar at the top. It will outline a thin white border around the window. This border is subtle and will still allow for resizing and repositioning. Press the 7 key to enable this mode. The player will close, then reopen in this mode. Again, exit this mode by pressing 7 again.


Full-screen across multiple monitors: To enable this mode, open the Enplug player, then press 8 to cause the player to be fullscreen across every monitor currently connected to the PC. The player will close, then reopen in this mode.

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