The News app allows you to create a fully customized, real-time digital news feed to display posts from your favorite sites directly on your HD display! This is possible through RSS. RSS is a powerful tool that enables news sites and blogs to instantly deliver fresh content to subscribed readers and web applications. With the news app, you can conveniently subscribe to any RSS feed.

Setting it Up

  1. First, click the Apps dropdown, then the More Apps section to select the News app from the list of apps.
  2. Click Add a Feed to get started. Note: If you don't have a feed in mind, click Popular feeds to select from a list of pre-configured options.
  3. Enter the feed URL and a name for your feed (the name will appear at the top of each story pulled from this feed). Click the "Test Feed URL" button on the left to make sure the feed is valid.

    Note: The RSS app can only pull in images that have one side which exceeds the minimum size requirement of 300px x 250px. Smaller images are filtered out for image quality.
  4. Style your feed by choosing colors for the background and text of your news feed banner.

    Alternately, click the "Image" option to upload an image for the banner of your news feed. Please note that the banner dimensions should be 1920x184 in order for the banner to show up properly.
  5. Then, choose a background color and text color for the feed text. 
  6. Optional: Click "Check my Feed" to load the most recent posts for your news feed.
  7. Click "Save Feed". You will be prompted to choose which display group(s) to deploy this feed to.

  8. Choose the desired display groups, then click "Save Changes" to deploy the feed to your screen. Choosing not to select any display groups will save the News feed to your Library view. 

Managing Existing Content 

To view and manage your existing feeds, click the Library dropdown at the top of the page. This will allow you to select different display groups, and view News feeds specific to those display groups.

The Library view will show you every News feed currently in your account. Click the TV icon under "Displays" to see which display groups a feed is currently deployed to, and the trashcan icon to delete a news feed. Click the Preview eye icon to see what articles are currently incoming for that feed.

Tips for Finding an RSS feed URL

  • To find the URL of an RSS feed, look for the RSS symbol  or a link labeled "Subscribe" or "Feed". RSS links are often placed at the bottom or top of a page, and sometimes end with ".xml".
  • If you're having trouble finding the RSS url for a blog/site you wish to add, try searching for "Subscribe" or "Feed" on the page with ⌘F (or CTRL+F if you use a PC).
  • Try adding /feed/ or /rss/ to the end of your blog's URL. This works for many common blog-hosting sites like Wordpress.
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