Dashboard 101

Welcome to the Enplug Dashboard! This article will give you an introduction to how to use the Dashboard most effectively to manage your content.


Displays: These represent each of your separate devices, plugged into different TV screens.

Display Groups: Each display group is programmed to play content on the display(s) connected to it. All displays in a display group will play the same content.

Apps: Your content is organized into apps that play different types of content. Choose a display group in order to activate an app on that group of displays.

How should I organize my screens and content?

Think of display groups as groups of content. When setting up new displays, this means:

- If you would like a new display to play the same content as other displays in your account, add it to an existing display group. It will pull in the existing content on that display group.

- If you would like a new display to play unique or slightly different content, add a whole new display group for that display.

Seeing my display groups:

To choose a display group, click the Displays dropdown at the top of the page. Then, type the name of the display group you'd like to see. Select it, and you will be redirected to its Display Settings page.

Once a display group is selected, you can view and add content to it.

Alternately, click "Add display group" at the top to add an entirely new display group.

Seeing my content:

To view and edit your content, click the Apps dropdown at the top of the page. Apps that are currently enabled for your selected display group will show up in the Active Apps section. You can view and add additional apps by clicking "More Apps".

When you select an app, you'll be directed to that app's Content Library. This may differ depending which app you've selected, and how much content you have set up. See below for an example from the Weather app.

This Library will show the name or title of your created content. To deploy that content to different display groups, click the TV icon under the "Display Groups" header. This will bring up a list of display groups that you can deploy the content to, as shown below.

Seeing my account details:

Account details include Billing, Users, password changes, and more. To view and change these from anywhere in the dashboard, click your avatar dropdown in the upper right corner, then click the blue My account button. For easy access from the Home page, click the My account button in the middle of the page.

Going home:

Click the Enplug logo in the upper left corner to go to your Home page at any time.

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