How to assign a Static IP address to an Enplug Device

Note: The following instructions will work only for devices connected via Ethernet. 

To assign a static IP address to your Ethernet-connected device, follow the steps below. While you are doing the process approximately every 30 seconds the screen will go black then show a loading page. As soon as that happens just tap the escape key and it will take you right back to where you were in the menus.

Step 1: Connect a USB keyboard to the the device.

Step 2: First press escape on the keyboard. Take your finger off of the escape key for a moment, then press alt and escape at the same time (alt-esc).

Step 3: When you press alt-escape the device's "app drawer" will open. It will look like the screen below. Press the tab key so the cursor will move down to the menu. Use the arrow keys to select the settings icon then press enter.


Note: You will probably need to tap escape around this point in the process. If the screen goes black and then goes to the loading screen the escape key will take you back to the same place you were in the menus.

Step 4: The settings menu will load. Use the arrow keys to select the three dots where it says "more" in the second row on the right hand column then press enter.


Step 5: Select Ethernet from the menu, then press enter.


Step 6: Select "Static IP Settings" from the menu and press enter.


Step 7: Use the arrow keys to select the different settings on this menu page, and enter the appropriate values. If you are unsure which settings and values to use, contact your tech team or IT department.


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