Can I use my Enplug outdoors?

Enplug devices will work with any outdoor display that meets the minimum requirements of a 1080P(recommended) resolution with an HDMI input. 

We highly recommend your system integrator select an enclosure or integrated external display with a controlled internal environment and space for our media player. Failure to use an enclosure might result in devices overheating or breaking from exposure to dust and debris.

Examples include the BoldVu series by LG-MRI or a comparable model from another manufacturer, including SunBrite, Peerless, or Suntronic LCD.

BoldVu units feature a closed loop active cooling system to maintain components at a temperature within the operating range and prevent dust from entering the system. For outdoor displays, there are various environmental considerations like ambient temperature, moisture etc. which determine if an outdoor display with a closed loop cooling system is necessary. Please contact your system integrator for these details, as these specifics are unique to each installation. 

Aside from temperature control, there must be space within the enclosure for our media player. Keep in mind the space of the enclosure will need to accommodate the device, power adapter, and HDMI cable.  

Another option is to install Enplug devices indoors and run a cable to an outdoor display.

You can also consider using the Windows version or Web Player version of our player with a 'rugged' Windows PC designed for extreme environment use.

For RS-232 functionality, please see this article for displays that we have confirmed will work with this functionality. Other displays, especially from the same manufacturer, might work out of the box as well. 

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