Can I leave all apps on all the time?

We know you probably love all the apps, we do too! If you're feeling adventurous, we suggest experimenting with different combinations of apps and observing how your guests respond.

Consider these examples:

If you have an exciting event coming up, you could upload a few graphics promoting the event. If it's a big deal, you could increase the screen time of Graphics app for a few days leading up to the big day.

Or, let's say you own a restaurant/bar. Your Monday morning breakfast crowd may not be in the same state of mind as your crowd on weekend nights. You could try altering your app settings to adapt to changes in vibe and atmosphere. While it may be true that, day or night, everyone loves sharing Instagram photos on the Photo Wall, your morning guests might enjoy reading News headlines differently than your weekend revellers.

Learn how to adjust your app frequencies here.

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