Why can't I connect my Instagram account?

Having trouble connecting your Instagram account? This may be why:

When you click the "Connect to Instagram" button, Instagram provides the Enplug system with login information associated with your browser. If there is no info available, it provides a login prompt. However, if you are already logged into Instagram, the system is automatically provided with that login information - even if it isn't the login you wanted. 

If you click the "Connect to Instagram" button and aren't prompted to log in: the easiest solution is to visit Instagram's website and click "Log Out" in the upper right corner. When you return to the Enplug website and click "Connect to Instagram", you should now be able to log into your business Instagram account as expected.

Alternately, you can open a private/incognito window, log into the dashboard, and reset the Instagram account from there. The private window won't be able to access any existing login information, so you can connect your account to Instagram as needed, then continue in the other window normally. 

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