My display is not updating!

If your social posts aren't updating properly, please first make sure you have turned Social Approval off - if it's turned on, it will prevent your posts from coming through until you've approved them.

Additionally, if your display is updating but very slowly, please check your wifi signal and internet connection, as this is commonly related to a weak or slow internet signal. See internet requirements here.

If social approval is not on but your display is still not updating properly, this means your display is not getting an internet connection. To reconnect it to the internet:

Connecting Ethernet (hardline):

1. Make sure the ethernet (internet) cord is connected to the Enplug device.

2. Make sure the ethernet (internet) cord is connected to the internet source properly

3. Locate the power cords for the display unit (screen + device behind screen), and unplug the display unit from power for 20 seconds.

5. Plug the display unit back into power.

Connecting Wifi:

Use the mini USB keyboard (or any USB keyboard) to connect to the device, then press the SPACE bar to view a list of the available wifi networks.

Re-select your wifi network, and re-enter the wifi password for the network to reconnect your device to wifi. This will be the same process as you used to connect your device to wifi in the first place - if you're unsure how to do this, please see our article and video on Connecting to wifi.

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