How to find your Enplug device's MAC address & IP Address

Our Enplug devices hold a unique address known as the MAC address. You may need to identify your device's MAC address for firewall, data monitoring, control policies, security reasons, etc.

If your device is currently connected to the internet, you may email to request your device's MAC address. Be sure to include the name of the device in your message.

If your device is offline, please follow the instructions below.

To find the MAC address on the device manually, you will need a USB keyboard. You may have a mini one that was included with your Enplug device shipment; if not, any USB keyboard you have available will work as well.

    1. Connect the keyboard's USB connector into one of the USB ports on the Enplug device. Press Esc to exit the content and return to the Enplug logo homepage.
    2. Browse to the Android App Menu (press Alt + Esc) and select the "Terminal" Application. If you don't see this application, please email for assistance.

      If at any time during this process you are interrupted by the content player, press Esc to return to your place.

    3. Use the following commands (shown in quotes) inside the Terminal application to view the MAC address.
    4. Type "su" and press Enter to gain root level access.
    5. Type "ip addr" and press Enter. This will return information about all the network interfaces on the Enplug device, similar to the screenshot below:

In the example shown above:

The Network Interface "eth0" is our default interface for the Ethernet port and its MAC address is in the following line, [ea:08:e2:96:4a:58]. If you are retrieving a MAC address for a wifi connection, it will show up as "wlan0" instead of "eth0".

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