Firewall - Whitelisting domain names or IP addresses

There are two ways you can configure your firewall for using the Enplug devices and dashboard from within your network - whitelist by domain name or by IP address.

Domain names



Third-party (Amazon Web Services and Rackspace)


Other depending on specific content, for example for Instagram pictures:

If showing RSS feeds, websites, dashboards, etc. all of them will need to be allowed.

Additionally, if you intend to upload files for use with the Graphics and Video app, you will need to whitelist the following wildcard domain name: *

Full list: [api, assets, cdn, cloud, dialog, process, static, upload, www]


IP addresses

It is generally recommended to whitelist domain names instead of individual IP addresses, because the IP addresses for the Amazon services we use can change.

Here are the IP addresses for our servers and the IP address ranges for the Amazon services, should you really need them.


[adservernet, devices]

Proxy Server:

Amazon SQS


Amazon Cloudfront

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